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This is just a sampling of the testimonials.  Please notice there are several common threads in each reference -- knowledge, results and accessibility any time.  In other words: Practical. Proven. Pro-active. Personal.

Having worked with Leslie Devitz for the past two years, I would recommend her services to any golf course owner or manager interested in creating a unique marketing plan that will help you use your website, email, and social media to reach your customers. The need for other means of advertising will become less important and eventually unnecessary.

Leslie’s expertise in golf course marketing comes from decades of course management experience so she knows and understands the challenges that we all face on a daily basis. This gives her insight and ideas that very few people involved in golf course marketing possess. She has given me suggestions and ideas whenever I ask for help to solve a problem or fill up space on our tee sheets. Having her as a resource for ideas when my business needs help is a resource that is truly priceless.

Her help organizing and creating a quarterly marketing plan that fits your golf course is the key. While this may seem a bit daunting at first, it becomes second nature quickly and will help your course promote specials, events, or other sources of revenue and see the results firsthand. In only two short years Broadlands has increased our email database by 300% and our Facebook likes by 1500%. It is easy to see the improved response rate compared to previous years.

The sales leads generated by Leslie’s strategy are directly responsible for at least 10 new golf outings hosted by our course in 2016 adding almost 1,000 18 hole rounds since 2014. The rate at which our existing club events have filled up and sold out this year has been incredible. We recently hosted a Christmas breakfast with Santa event for the 5th year. In 2015 our paid attendance was 65 guests which was the most we had to date. This year’s paid attendance was 135 guests, more than double the previous record, thanks to Leslie’s online email and social media marketing having increased our reach. The advertising budget for this event was $50 to boost a Facebook post.

Leslie’s reconstruction of our marketing plan in 2014 is the main reason that our revenues have returned to pre-2008 levels. It produces sales leads, expands your reach to new and existing customers, and is a lot of fun to learn how implement with such a great person leading the way. I would recommend last but certainly not least, Leslie Devitz is wonderful to work with. Leslie’s services to any golf course owner or manager without hesitation.

-Andy Spaulding, Owner,Broadlands Golf Club

Leslie Devitz has been a pleasure to work with. Her extensive knowledge, ideas, and genuine concern for my business have earned my respect and trust. In an environment where time is money, Leslie was always available to address any concern and turn it into an opportunity. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a marketing and communications solution for any business.

-Chad Cantwell, Owner / GM, Twin Lakes Country Club

Leslie has been such a great addition to my marketing plan. She creates monthly plans to keep us on track, however she can instantly change the plan in order to accommodate the needs of the golf course. Knowing I have someone that I can count on at anytime really takes away a lot of stress that I normally would have throughout the year. Working together we have created an extremely interactive marketing strategy that keeps the customers talking and coming back.

If you need a knowledgeable, friendly and professional team to help you keep your business on the right track, then look no further than Bob and Leslie!

-Rick Callies GM - PGA Professional Kettle Moraine Golf Club

I have been working with Leslie for over 10 years and she is a dedicated professional who is truly a pleasure to work with. She cares deeply about her work and has a great positive attitude. Flexibility is her middle name when it comes to dealing with unforeseen and changing conditions. She is great with people, from customers to clients and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the golf industry.

-Donna Hoffman, Founder and Owner of Women on Course.

I have known Leslie for over 13 years and have had the opportunity to work with her in many areas. Leslie is a complete joy to work with. She is optimistic and has a great outlook on life. I have been a client of hers, she has been a client of mine and we have worked many projects that have helped the golf tournament industry. She has been available and accessible at any time. Her expertise in the industry is above all others. She is personable and professional. She is creative and has many great ideas. I will continue to work with her and look forward to helping the industry with her.

-Phil Immordino, founder and CEO – Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA), Night Golf Tournament Association of America (NGTA)

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