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One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that you will see results immediately. Go talk to a big marketing / management company and they will tell you they need a year or so to “ramp” up before results are seen. Not with Golf Marketing and Management Solutions. See the difference after a week or so.

So what will do for you? First off it will be a customized plan for your club to keep your viewers informed, engaged and entertained. One of our mentors hit it on the head when he said most golf course operators think they are in the golf business when really they are in the entertainment business. With so many choices for leisure time, people want to have fun, be entertained and have an experience (especially true for millennials), so we keep that in the forefront.

Here are some of the things that we will do that will allow you, the golf operator, to work ON your business, not IN it. We will:

  • Work collaboratively with your club staff and provide a custom monthly marketing game plan for all of the course's relevant revenue sources that will be shared in real time.
  • Assist in the concepting as well as the promoting of all club events.

  • Create, set up, send and track all of your digital marketing in your 30 day plan including all eblasts, using your website and e-mail provider.  We will provide reports as needed and as requested.  Additionally we will send any last minutes eblasts that are needed.
  • Generate leads for all of your club’s relevant revenue sources that will serve to gain new data, Facebook Fans, and most importantly leads for all of your relevant revenue sources besides golf such as membership, private events, weddings, stay and play packages, etc.
  • Make recommendations and facilitate updates for your website to ensure effective data collection as well as the timely posting and removal of content to ensure accuracy while ensuring Search Engine Optimization.

  • Manage your Facebook Page ensuring at least 6 posts per week with content of general golf interest to your Facebook Fans along with reposting of all appropriate e-mails on Facebook to expand the reach of every offer beyond only your database.
  • Facilitate Facebook Boosted Posts and Ads to gain additional Facebook Fans, data collection, and leads for your relevant revenue sources as we agree upon.

  • Oversee any non-digital marketing including the development of letter(s)/copy for non-digital membership or media promotions.

  • Participate in regularly schedules planning call as needed basis 7 days each week.

We can do all of this for less than a foursome a week at most mid-range clubs so we will easily pay for ourselves many times over from the additional business and revenues. What you need to be asking yourself is how can you NOT afford to use Golf Marketing and Management Solutions.

As we mentioned, there is no need to change website / email provider as Golf Marketing and Management Solutions will work with your technology platform and perform our magic. Big website providers claim that the magic is in the website. We have found out differently as most websites collect data and provide information, etc. The magic is in consistent content marketing while providing ongoing promotions and specials for your viewers.

Not happy with your website provider and email system? We, of course, have a provider (1-2-1 Marketing) that you will be very happy with that is state of the art, intuitive and easy to work with and VERY affordable.

Let us help you work ON your business, not IN your business