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We provide management consulting services for all aspects of private club and golf course operations. From business planning to budgeting, all aspects of Food and Beverage, Golf Course Maintenance, Human Resources Golf Operations, and all other club amenities including pool, fitness, tennis and others.

We treat each club or course as an individual and UNIQUE business. So many others in the industry try to take a “one size and solutions fits all” approach. This simply isn’t the case. If you’ve seen ONE CLUB, you’ve seen ONE CLUB. They are as unique as the market they’re in, the amenities, they provide, the people they serve, and the challenges and opportunities before them.

We are astounded at the number of clubs and golf courses we speak with each month who don’t have a budget, departmental goals, knowledge of their numbers, a marketing plan, effective internal communications, a system to generate and follow up on leads for their products and services and much more.

So, to define what the pursuit of excellence looks we start with a foundation of sound FUNDAMENTAL Business Practices that every private club and golf course should be doing routinely if they are serious about growing their business and the pursuit of excellence. We then apply these FUNDAMENTALS to the areas of the club or course that need assistance along with the departmental specific expertise. (i.e. F&B, Golf Operations, Fitness, etc.)

The following criteria are minimum standards that should be in place.  So, go ahead, review the list and see how you do.  If you or your management company or whoever is responsible for the overall business good and well-being of your club or golf course is doing these things, you’re on the right track.  If not, ask them WHY NOT and WHEN they plan to get started! Or better yet, call us for a complimentary consultation. You can request one at the bottom of our Home Page. 

FUNDAMENTAL Criteria for Excellence in Club and Golf Course Management

1) A Culture that is Known, Communicated, and Followed Daily

Does the club or course have a culture that his clearly stated and understood by all of the staff?  Is the culture kept in the forefront daily/weekly through lineups, mini-meetings, general employee meetings and staff meetings? Does every employee know the culture, why the club exists and its purpose, and their role in making it a reality, not simply words on paper?

2) A Sound and Sensible Annual Business and Financial Plan

Does the club have a sound annual business plan including a financial plan?  Was there involvement in creating the plan by all of the key personnel in the club, not only the General Manager but also every department manager?

3) Financial Forecasting on a Monthly/Quarterly Basis to Ensure Internal Efficiencies are Maximized and the Club Achieves its Financial Goals

Is the financial plan supported by monthly and quarterly forecasting to ensure fiscal responsibility to the owner? Specifically, is the club first forecasting likely revenue streams for the upcoming quarter and refining the forecast each month as timelines draw closer? 

Are payrolls and expenses adjusted in accordance with the forecasts to ensure less spending when revenue streams are less than plan and conversely to allow for additional expenditures if revenues are anticipated to exceed plan, or is the schedule, payroll, and staffing the same every week regardless of anticipated revenues?

Is every department manager involved in forecasting and once the forecast is approved held accountable to achieve it?  Do all of the managers know their revenues on a daily basis?

4) Quarterly Written Game Plans for the Generation of ALL Relevant Revenue Sources. A Solid Social Media Plan to Engage, Educate, and Entertain.

Does the club have written plans for the generation of growth of relevant revenues including plans to enroll new members, gain golf, food and beverage, and all other material revenue sources for the club?  Do the plans contain specific action, due dates, responsible parties, and goals?  Are the plans reviewed on a regular basis (at least bi-weekly) to ensure the implementation, discuss what is working and what may need revised, and to create accountability?

Is the club active in its use of Social Media, especially Facebook and Twitter?  Is there at a minimum a daily post, preferably several each day with content of interest to the fans of the Facebook Page or Follower on Twitter?  Is Facebook being utilized through Pay per Click Campaigns and Boosted Posts to gain new fans, new data, and most importantly new revenues?

5) A Weekly Staff Meeting and Weekly Sales Management Meeting to Ensure Effective Communication, Monitor Progress on Revenue Generation Plans and Create Accountability

Does the club have a weekly staff meeting to ensure effective communication throughout the club?  Are the financial results compared to the club’s plan and prior year reviewed as well as the forecast for the upcoming weeks reviewed to ensure that appropriate scheduling is facilitated to accommodate anticipated revenues including scaling back if revenues are going to be lower than anticipated and adding staffing if revenue are strong?  Is the calendar of events reviewed to ensure effective planning?  Does everyone know the promotions the club is offering? 

Does the club have a weekly sales meeting conducted by the General Manager or Sales Manager to ensure follow up on the quarterly game plans for revenues for all departments to review the new leads generated for the week, to review leads previously generated and their place in the sales cycle, to review and discuss overcoming objections that the salespeople may be encountering in attempts to close sales, and to assist the club’s sales personnel in closing leads?

Is ongoing sales training provided either “in house” or through credible third parties to ensure the growth and development of the club’s sales personnel?

6) Employee Growth, Development, and Accountability

Is the Club Utilizing Performance Management with the General Manager and All Department Managers?  Performance Management simply stated is:

1) Creating Expectations-These expectations should be specific goals that are measureable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.  Logically they tie directly to the club's business and financial plan and include a qualitative component.

2) Equipping.  Ensuring that the responsible parties have the tools training and support to achieve the expectations.  

3) Evaluation.  This is the essence of performance management.  Reviewing the results of the expectations that were created on a regularly scheduled basis, quarterly is recommended, and holding the manager responsible for the results.  Reward or reprimand.

Do all employees have quarterly or semi-annual written professional development plans that specify actions, and initiatives to be completed that provide new challenges and the opportunity to grow professionally, gain new skills, gain new experiences, and provide new learning?

Do all key employees have a significant portion of their compensation package, at least 20%, based on the achievement of the club’s quantitative and qualitative goals?  Does the club utilize performance based compensation plans for all managers and key personnel? 

7) A Focus on Continuous Improvement

Is there a focus evaluation on continuous improvement to include improvement of the member/guest experience, improvement in the creation of value, improved internal efficiencies, creation of new events and activities to keep the experience fresh, and improved internal communication?

Are there written goals for continuous improvement on a quarterly basis with due dates, responsible parties, and are the personnel held accountable through a formal evaluation process?

8) Standards of Operation to Ensure the Experience for Members and Guests.  Accounting Policies and Procedures to Protect the Assets of the Owner

Does the club have written standards of operation for every department to ensure a consistent experience for members and guests and to provide a specific means for all employees to follow in performing their work duties?

Is there at least a semi-annual inspection of adherence to the Standards of Operation by an independent party to assess adherence and provide accountability?

Are written Accounting Policies and Procedures in place to protect the assets of the owner and reduce the possibility of embezzlement, theft, stealing, or fraud.  Are the Accounting Policies and Procedures reviewed at least semi-annually through an audit conducted by a third party?

9) A Mechanism to Involve Members or Club Guests in Providing Feedback to the Club

Is there a mechanism in place to ensure that the voice of the members, or if not a private club, then customers is conveyed to management to provide feedback on what is being done right and where areas for opportunity exist.  In a club setting this can be accomplished with a board and member committees.  In a public setting this can be accomplished with customer surveys.

10) A Sound Capital Replacement /Improvement Plan to ensure that the club is free of deferred maintenance including a separate plan for the Expansion of Club quarters supported by a detailed plan for the ROI if applicable.

Does a plan exist for the annual replacement of depreciated capital assets in every club department?  Does the plan include the timing and costs including at least 3 competitive bids?  Are the plans prioritized?

If the club is considering an expansion, is the cost of the expansion realistic and supported by at least 3 competitive bids?  Is there a detailed business plan including “Return on Investment” that supports the expansion and meets the investment criteria of the owner?  

Need some help implementing some of these strategies?  Give us a call as we are here to get you back on the road to success.




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